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Super cute! Are you interested in publishing it to other game portals? Ping me if you are :D


This game is super cute, and it's a chill and somewhat rage inducing game! Great Job!!

Awesome game, good job guys!

Cool game! Took me a few tries to get past the first few rallies back and fourth, but once I figured it out the game became pretty fun! I liked the increase of difficulty and random people + animals appearing on the court!

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Hello. I love the game and the looking of it, what gives the reason of this comment: How you did those shaders and colours? Do you have any tutorial material to share? Some videos or articles would be nice.

Congrats and well done guys!

Hi, I asked Scott and he said that he started with this toon shader and then made some changes as needed to get it where he was happy

He is @cronobreak on Twitter too if you wanted to follow along and see if he has any other tips :)

does this have a two player mode?

It does not at the moment. We kept it to one player so that we could get everything working well for the jam but I was thinking of going back to it sometime in the future and adding a two player option. I think it would be possible with how the game is setup :)