A downloadable game demo for Windows and macOS

This is Solitude City in 2085 AD, it is the year of the Vactic uprising.
We must build a mech to fight the robotic Vactics and liberate the city.

What is in the Demo Version?

  • Become a Mech Builder: Construct the Mech using 4 different types of tech that can be altered with tech mods.
  • Sample the Save the City Campaign: The City is building itself ahead of you using a selection of the districts from the full release. You are just one citizen of Solitude City. The people are working together to salvage mechs for the fight so even if you fail there will be tech to begin the fight once more on.
  • Color Palettes: Collect 4 different color palettes to customise your demo experience.
  • Complete the Codex: The whole of Solitude City is there to be found. Every Vactic we fight, tech we salvage and modify and every district we complete has a story to tell.

Press Kit: Vactics Press Kit


VACTICS-OSX-Demo_0.400.4415.zip 119 MB
VACTICS-WIN-Demo_0.400.4415.zip 103 MB

Development log


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I happened to just stumble across this game and am so exited. I am a fan of the game Hoplike and you guys have done a great job at taking what that game started and really bumping it up to the next level.

Thanks a bunch. I'm a big fan of Hoplite too.

(2 edits)

small bug with downloading the demo, while extracting the files, it ran into an issue repeatedly

one of the files could not be copied over, path length too long

the file was the scifi grenade launcher sound

Thanks for the info. I’ll make a bug task to try and fix that one up.

I had one query, does the issue happen if you attempt to extract the files in the root of your drive at C:\ ?

(1 edit)

I did some searching around, and I  wondering if this is your error and whether these solutions work?


I will still try to shorten some paths in the game files too in order to help but there might be a fix in the meantime.